Why Ski Chalets in Zermatt Aren’t Just for Winter

Why Ski Chalets in Zermatt Aren’t Just for Winter

While it’s also home to a plethora of spas, bars, and winter sports, if you picture Zermatt the chances are you imagine the iconic slopes and chalet roofs awash with bright white snow. But there’s more to Zermatt than icy delights - and if you’re lucky enough to have access to a ski chalet in Zermatt, you’re able to enjoy the best that this beautiful region has to offer year-round.

What makes Zermatt so special?

The stuff of legend among mountaineers and skiing enthusiasts, the Swiss town of Zermatt is home to the iconic Matterhorn. Part of the Alps, this mountain straddles the border with Italy and has claimed the lives of many of the intrepid mountaineers who have attempted to reach its summit. It’s this picturesque peak that watches over Zermatt, and acts as the dramatic backdrop to all of the adventures to be had in this beautiful resort town.

One of the great lures of Zermatt is the fact that it is the only European ski resort to be open throughout the entire year, as it is one of the few places with guaranteed snow year-round. This means skiing and snowboarding can be enjoyed whenever the mood takes you, which is especially appealing when it means you can keep away from the crowds of the peak tourist seasons. If you’re looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of the ski lifts in winter, or dodge the overcrowded après-ski scene, Zermatt in summer might be for you.

Best things to do in Zermatt

Here are a few examples of some of the best things to do in Zermatt in summer.

Winter sports

As mentioned, even winter activities don’t have to be confined to the colder months in Zermatt, thanks to its year-round snow. Zermatt is frequently named as one of the top ski resorts in the world. While there is always snow in Zermatt, some activities are best enjoyed in the winter months.

Spa treatments

There are dozens of spas and wellness centres in Zermatt, making it the ideal place to go for rest and relaxation. Whether you need kneading in a luxurious massage, or want to soak your troubles away in a hot tub or foot bath, there are plenty of places for you to be thoroughly pampered. A lot of the spas in Zermatt are part of hotel complexes but are still happy to admit non-residents in both summer and winter.

Wild swimming

Did you know Zermatt has a beach? Lake Leisee is the perfect summer spot for sunbathing, swimming, barbecuing and picnicking. Studies show that outdoor swimming, especially in cold water, can be particularly good for both physical and mental health. Rafts and play equipment provide entertainment for little ones on family outings, allowing parents to take a load off and enjoy the stunning scenery of Sunnegga.


If you like ending the day with a high step count and some stunning panoramic pictures on your phone, the many incredible hiking routes to be found around Zermatt could be just what you’re looking for. See lakes, mountain peaks, glaciers, and rolling pastures, abundant with alpine flora and fauna.

Where should you stay in Zermatt?

There are hundreds of hotels and rental properties in and around Zermatt. As an eco-friendly town entirely devoid of cars, it is a pedestrian’s paradise - strolling through the picturesque town centre is an activity in itself, made easier by finding a central spot.

While the hotels are beautiful and accommodating, there are serious benefits to investing in chalets in Zermatt. In the past few years, the number of summer travellers seen in the Alps has increased dramatically, meaning what was once the off-season might not be so quiet anymore. If you’re a regular skier concerned about securing a spot at your favourite resort, investing in a property there could be the best long-term solution - not to mention, a way of generating income.

Is it worth going to Zermatt if you don’t ski?

There are plenty of things to do in Zermatt even if the slopes aren’t calling your name. While skiing is considered Zermatt’s main attraction, it certainly isn’t mandatory, and there’s more than enough to keep people occupied away from the pistes and peaks. Whether you’re looking for activities to keep you moving, or a mountain cabin retreat to reflect and relax, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in Zermatt.

What is there to do in Zermatt for non-skiers?

As well as the aforementioned activities, visitors can experience Zermatt through their taste buds by dipping their toe into the world-class food scene. Fine dining doesn’t need to be the final course for the day either, as Zermatt has a vibrant nightlife, with bars and clubs to suit any and all spirited needs.

And finally, if you want to appreciate the beauty of the mountains but don’t want skis to be your mode of transportation, there’s always a helicopter tour.

Ready for your Zermatt getaway?

Experience Zermatt in all seasons by investing in a chalet or apartment of your own. More than just a spot to store your skis, chalets in zermatt give you the chance to stake your claim to the alpine lifestyle whenever the mood takes you.

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