The Best Summer Activities in Verbier, Switzerland

Discover how to make the most of your time in Verbier this summer, with expert recommendations for places to visit & fun-filled experiences to enjoy

The Best Summer Activities in Verbier, Switzerland

Verbier is an upmarket Swiss village and Alpine resort in the canton of Valais, 99 miles south of Swiss capital Bern, but only a little under 30 miles from the French border.


Valais, located in the south west, bordering France and Italy, is one of the 26 cantons (districts) that make up Switzerland. This is a predominantly French-speaking region, with German as a second language. Naturally, English is also widely understood in those areas that focus on tourism.


Verbier sits squarely in the midst of the Swiss Alps, at 1,500 metres, close to Mont Fort (3,328 metres) and Mont Gelé (3,022 metres). The views from the upper slopes of Mont Fort are truly spectacular. Across a panorama of the Alps, such icons as the Mount Blanc and the Matterhorn are clearly visible.


Verbier forms the western end of the renowned Quatre Vallées (Four Valleys) region, which extends to five other famed, francophone Swiss ski resorts; Nendaz, Veysonnaz, La Tzoumaz, Les Masses and Thyon.


Verbier has a global reputation among skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. Thanks to its steep and varied slopes, and well developed facilities, Verbier has become one of the best known ‘off piste’ resorts in the world during the winter months, with Mont Gelé especially renowned amongst experienced skiers and snowboarders for its free slopes.


Skiing during the summer season was once routine in the Verbier region, thanks to an extensive ski lift network, but this was phased out around the turn of the Millennium.


So where does that leave summer visitors? Fortunately, there is no shortage of world-class attractions and Verbier activities better suited to warmer weather. Let’s explore all the exciting things to do in this beautiful region.


If you have a head for heights and know your carabiners from your pitons, you'll find an abundance of varied climbing opportunities across the Verbier region.


Serious (and suitably equipped) climbers can go right ahead and tackle the many rock faces reachable from Verbier - some challenging enough to satisfy the most experienced, others accessible to those with a more casual interest in climbing.


Here are a few suggestions:


  • The Val de Bagnes offers more than fifty rock climbing routes - some straightforward, others quite challenging - dotted amongst picturesque villages.


  • The Pierre Avoi mountain offers several routes of varying intensity towards the summit and surrounding pinnacles, all overlooking the spectacular Rhône Valley.
  • La Barme - a crag close to the village of Le Châble is a popular location for serious rock climbers, with as many as 65 defined routes.


One of the greatest joys of outdoor rock climbing - beside the satisfaction of overcoming a challenge - is the spectacular scenery, which can be a real reward for reaching the top. Verbier will not disappoint anyone in this respect.


But climbing in Valois isn’t solely for the experienced. The curious can enjoy time on the rocks with the help of local tour guides who will (literally) show keen beginners the ropes and help them through an unforgettable experience.


But if even that sounds a little too challenging, Verbier even offers a child-friendly indoor climbing wall (at the Ski Pass office on the Rue de Medran)

Mountain biking

Plenty of mountain bike enthusiasts have fallen in love with the Verbier region. Marked bike-friendly trails run for hundreds of miles across rich valleys, in between stunning mountain scenery.


The region’s reputation attracts mountain bikers from around the world for regular summer events. The most challenging of these - la Tour des Stations - has been dubbed the ‘one day cycling Everest’ and the ‘world’s toughest cycling race’.


Holidaymakers interested in a more relaxed ride can make their way to the well-appointed Verbier Bike Park, which offers a selection of varied rides suitable both for beginners and more experienced riders. Like other outdoor Verbier activities, the biking thrills come with spectacular scenery.


Beginners might want to try Blue Track 2, which runs from the Les Ruinettes ski lift to the Verbier golf course, via picturesque and typically Alpine pastures.


E-bikes also have a growing presence in the region, and the E-Bike Festival, held annually in August, draws bike fans from multiple countries.

Horse riding

For a more relaxed way to explore the spectacular Alpine countryside, why not go riding? Those four hooves offer an elevated view of the scenery and even increase your chances of seeing the abundance of wildlife that thrives across the Swiss countryside - iconic examples include the ibex, the chamois and the marmot. Travel miles without tiring yourself out.


Forgot to bring your horse? No problem ;) A number of touring companies in the region offer guide horse rides and lessons.


If the energetic pursuits described above aren't really your kind of thing, the simplest way to explore Verbier is on foot. With more than 300 miles of marked hiking trails crisscrossing the region, there is more than enough scenery out there to satisfy even the keenest hiker.


There is something for all ages and levels of physical fitness, from challenging, multi-day treks (the Tour des Combins crosses five valleys and takes six days!) to educational walks and relaxing strolls that can be completed in a couple of hours.

Spas and relaxation

What about relaxation after an energetic day on the trails? And what if you just aren’t the outdoorsy type? Don’t worry: Verbier still has good things to offer - from rejuvenating spas to luxury chalets.


Recommended local facilities include:


  • The Away Spa & Fitness at the W Hotel
  • Le Spa by Biologique Recherche


Yoga, pilates, swimming, massage and similar activities are also popular pursuits, with plentiful facilities on hand in hotels and gyms across the region.


Verbier hosts the annual three-day Inspire Yoga Festival in August, with expert instructors from multiple countries and a feast of health-boosting, fully organic foods.

Sporting pursuits

The Verbier region is an ideal choice for sports enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys more active holidays.


Keen cyclists will relish the 14 mile Tour du Catogne, the Col du Lein mountain pass or the bracing ten mile run to the Mauvoisin Lake. Rental bikes are freely available and inexpensive.


Meanwhile, no less than three clay tennis courts are available to visitors during the summer, along with a tennis club for the dedicated.


Swimming fans will enjoy the luxury pools on hand within most local chalets and hotels. Entry to the municipal swimming baths is free with a lift pass. Opportunities for 'wild' swimming outdoors can also be found in the many miles of spectacular countryside surrounding Verbier.


Mountain rivers run wild during the summer months as the high glaciers melt in the warmer weather. 'White water' rafting with an experienced adventure guide is one of the most memorable opportunities available for more adventurous visitors to the Verbier region.


And why not take to the air to really appreciate the abundance of beautiful Alpine scenery that surrounds the town? Visitors can enjoy breathtaking tandem paragliding flights during the summer months, even if they are entirely new to the sport. Adrenaline fans can also opt for a tandem skydiving experience, descending through the air harnessed to an experienced instructor, with up to 40 seconds of free fall to savour: it's an experience you will never forget.


But if that all sounds a little pulse-racing, how about a calming round or two of golf at the well appointed Golf Club Verbier on the Rue de la Bérarde?

Restaurants & nightlife

Verbier is a premier resort and of course, that means no shortage of places to blow off a little steam in the evenings. You will find everything from convenient après-ski bars to wine and fine dining on your doorstep, with exciting nightclubs just around the corner for those evenings when you just aren’t ready for bed. Verbier is home to one of the oldest nightlife hotspots in the Alps, the Farm Club, on the Route de Verbier Station. Open daily from 11pm to 4am!


Two Verbier bars - the Central T and Le Crock No Name - both host live music.

Property hotspot

With so many world-class attractions to hand, you’d be very hard-pressed to find a better choice than Verbier for a holiday home or investment property. Verbier is a genuine jewel of the Alps and any properties purchased in the town are bound to deliver excellent returns.

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