Explore Crans-Montana with a Crans Pass

Explore Crans-Montana with a Crans Pass

The world-class ski resort at Crans-Montana draws visitors from around the world for its selection of hikes, entertainment, and winter sports.


To help visitors explore what the region has to offer, there are 19 ski lifts that transport tens of thousands hourly. The Crans Pass is a single or multi-day pass that gives access to the ski lifts, offering the best value and convenience.


Below is our guide to Crans-Montana, and how to make the most out of your visit with the Crans-Montana lift pass.

What does Crans-Montana offer winter sports enthusiasts?

Crans-Montana is a stunning ski resort found in the heart of the Swiss Alps, offering plenty of winter sports options for both beginners and experts. There’s 140 kilometres of sunny south-facing pistes that have an altitude ranging from 1,500 to 3,000 metres and offer incredible views over the Valais Alps and Weisshorn.


With dozens of ski slopes on offer for each level, 15 ski mountaineering trails, and more than 60 hectares of mechanical snowmaking slopes, there’s always something new to try out on a ski trip to Crans-Montana.


One of the big draws to the region is the Plaine Morte Glacier, which in English translates to Dead Plain Glacier. It’s a stunning glacier that spans almost eight kilometres and is home to an igloo village. It’s easily accessible by one of the many cable cars that operate in the region, and is popular for those practicing cross-country skiing as it’s there year-round.


The resort is open 365 days a year, with winter sports enthusiasts of all levels visiting the region to practice and compete in events, such as the alpine ski racing world cup, which is frequently on the schedule thanks to being home to several world cup tracks.


Not only does Crans-Montana offer one of the best places to ski, but there are also plenty of other options available so visitors can unwind, relax and see the sights, including a wide selection of restaurants, hiking trails, bike tracks, and even a club at the top of the slopes.

What is a Crans Pass?

The easiest way to get around Crans-Montana and take advantage of the excellent selection of transport is with a Crans Pass, aka Crans-Montana lift pass, which gives you access to the fast, frequent and convenient ski lifts found in the region.

Why get a Crans Pass?

A Crans Pass gives you unlimited access to the ski lifts, so you’re free to explore and have fun. You don’t need to worry about paying per ride, leaving you to focus on hitting the slopes.

Ski passes

There are a number of ski passes available depending on how often you’re looking to hit the slopes:

Single, part-day, or multi-day passes

  • Weekday - prices from CHF89
  • Weekend - prices from CHF89
  • Afternoon - prices from CHF57
  • 2-day pass - prices from CHF171
  • 6-day pass - prices from CHF465

Season pass

Season passes allow skiers access to Crans-Montana for the ski season, with prices starting from CHF899.

Pass 100

Pass 100 is a low-season pass that gives you access to the slopes for 100 days. Prices can vary.

Pass 365

If you’re going to be in the area for a while, Pass 365 gives you the opportunity to hit the slopes every day of the year. Prices can vary, and can sometimes be a cheaper option than some multi-day or season passes.


All prices can vary, and the above are based on adult tickets.

Exploring Crans-Montana

With 140km of breathtaking scenery to explore, the region’s 19 ski lifts and cable cars offer the perfect way to get around, while also providing stunning birds-eye views.

What sort of lifts are available?

There are a number of different lifts available through the resort:


There’s one funicular - a cable car that runs along a track - which has a capacity of 120 people. It’s a comfortable and smooth ride, taking just 12 minutes to travel between Crans-Montana and Sierre.

Gondola lifts

There’s a total of four gondola lifts, which are enclosed from the elements, with a capacity of between 6 and 30.


They transport visitors along the following routes:

  • Violettes - Plaine Morte
  • Montana - Arnouva
  • Crans - Cry d’Er
  • Violettes Express


There are six open chairlifts, which can seat between four and six passengers. They’re available at the following locations:

  • Arnouva - Cry d’Er
  • La Cabane des Bois
  • Nationale Express
  • Bellalui
  • Toula
  • La Tsa

T-bar and J-bar

These lifts pull skiers up an incline while they remain on the ground. T-bars pull up two at a time, whereas J-bars pull single skiers. There is one T-bar (located at Le Lac) and seven J-bars found at the following locations:

  • Snow Park City d’Er
  • Cry d’Er
  • Verdets
  • Zabona
  • Petit Bonvin
  • Chetseron

Keeping Crans-Montana moving

Combined, the ski lifts transport almost 30,000 people per hour along the total route, which is just shy of 28km. They’re a vital part of the region’s infrastructure, which offers a number of ticket options available to purchase depending on how long you’re going to be staying.


Purchasing your Crans Pass

There are a number of Crans Pass options available, meaning regardless of how long you need the pass, there’ll always be something suitable.

Day pass

The price of a one-day pass starts from CHF89 when bought on the day, however you may be able to get a pass for less if pre-booked online.

Multi-day passes

If you’re visiting across a number of days, you can purchase passes that allow you to explore the region for the length of your visit. Passes are available from two to six days, with prices ranging from CHF171-465. As with the single-day pass, there can be cheaper options when purchased in advance online.

Easy Card

An Easy Card allows you to explore Valais across two, three or five days, and provides you with complete access to all public transport from Lake Geneva to Lötschental.

So much to see and do in Crans-Montana

With so much stunning scenery to see and so many slopes to experience, a Crans Pass allows locals and visitors to freely explore and soak in what this beautiful region has to offer.


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