4 Things to Consider When Buying a Verbier Chalet

4 Things to Consider When Buying a Verbier Chalet

If you’re on the hunt for a luxury chalet property in Switzerland, and trying to decide which Alpine location to purchase in, then Verbier is always worthy of consideration. Very much an understated gem of the Valais snowsports scene, it’s among the most unspoilt and traditional of the region’s tourist hubs - but it offers plenty to attract the more discerning visitor year-round.

1. On and off-piste fun for all ages and abilities

Verbier is chiefly renowned as one of the top backcountry ski resorts in Switzerland, and indeed anywhere in the world. As you’d expect, that means there’s plenty of opportunity for everyone to get involved in the winter sports lifestyle, regardless of their skill or experience level.


If you’re craving adrenaline-pumping downhill runs and steep off-piste traverses, you’re brilliantly well catered for around Verbier and the wider Bagnes/Entremont region. On the other hand, beginners looking for a rather more sedate introduction to the downhill life will find plenty of tranquil, picturesque green and blue runs (nursery and shallow slopes respectively) on offer throughout the surrounding area.


Moreover, the wide variety of après-ski activities to be found in and around Verbier have been carefully cultivated to offer a more family-orientated atmosphere than glitzier resorts like Gstaad and St Moritz.


While high-end dining, drinking and dancing opportunities can always be enjoyed in peak season around the Place Centrale tourist hub, much of Verbier plays to its core strengths as a quaintly rustic, charmingly traditional Swiss Alpine village. In short, a Verbier ski chalet is the ideal setting for relaxing and ‘getting away from it all’ at any time of year.

2. Easy links to major Swiss airports

Most people visiting Verbier from overseas tend to land first at one of Switzerland’s larger airport hubs, often Zurich or Geneva. Onward connections to Verbier are frequent, straightforward and cost effective. It’s equally simple to connect through to Verbier from smaller regional hubs like Bern airport.


Wherever you’re arriving from, you’ll enjoy a fantastically reliable and smooth-running service from Swiss Federal Railways, ensuring the scenic journey to and from the heart of the Canton of Valais becomes a genuinely enjoyable leg of your trip. Depending which route you choose, trains will typically take just 2-4 hours total from your arrival gate to your Verbier chalet door, and cost as little as CHF 25 (around 23 Euro) all in.


For those bringing more luggage (or preferring to have the option of driving out from Verbier to visit other nearby towns), airport hire cars are of course another highly convenient option. Again, drives between the Canton of Valais and any of Switzerland’s transport hubs are speedy and picturesque, as well as giving you the opportunity to stop off at various points along the route if you like.

3. Perfect weather for skiing and winter sports...

Along with its stunning Alpine landscapes, the seasonal climate in and around Verbier is one of the main reasons it’s considered among the leading backcountry ski destinations on the planet.


Winter is of course peak ski season, and from November to March it’s common for snowfall to be the only form of precipitation you’ll experience here - by around mid-December, there’s roughly a 1-in-4 chance of snow on any given day.


All in all, the climate in Verbier is fairly comparable to what you’d find at higher altitudes in temperate parts of Alaska and Colorado. Our wonderfully clean Alpine air, combined with lofty elevation on a natural mountainside terrace overlooking the dramatic Val de Bagnes, means the humidity remains exceptionally low year-round.

4. ...but also plenty to do in summer!

Despite the obvious draw of soft, powdery winter snows that normally blanket Verbier and its surrounding pistes, there’s also plenty of sunshine to soak up here - particularly in the milder summer months. Between May and August, you’ll typically enjoy bright early sunrises and long afternoons of pristine daylight, with noon temperatures in mid-June regularly climbing to 22-25°C (72-77°F).


During these warmer seasons, the gentler slopes and foothills below our many towering mountain peaks really burst into colourful life. In terms of non-skiing-related things to do in Verbier, this is the ideal time to explore the many walking and cycling trails the region has to offer.


You’ll happily while away hours strolling or biking through dense woodlands and around crystal clear mountain lakes, surrounded by a stunning spring/summer array of uniquely Alpine flora and fauna. (For those who prefer a good walk to involve following a ball around an 18-hole course, there’s plenty of premium summer golf on offer across the region too!)